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Empowering True Potential

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“I can't recommend Siobhan Gannon highly enough.  She has been my go to therapist for years and has since
become an inspiring mentor and great friend.  Apart from her amazing insights and non-judgmental
approach.... What I love most about my treatments with Siobhan is how I feel after the sessions.....
lighter, grounded more in my own body with a clear positive mindset.  Thank you so much for everything
Siobhan... I'd be lost without you!”

Laura Staunton/ Client

Why Choose a session with Siobhán Gannon?

Overwhelmed by life?

Are you feeling stressed and struggling to keep everything in balance?  Would you like to find a renewed sense of purpose in life?

siobhan gannon

"I knew I had to deal with the issue of eating at night"

Sometimes we cope by filling an empty space with food.  This can quickly spiral into unwanted weight gain and low self esteem.

weight loss

Siobhan Gannon is extensively trained to help

Siobhan is trained in Bio-energy therapy, The Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective Sound healing, Reiki healing and Teaching,  Integrated Energy Therapy and Teaching, (IET), Soul Healing,  Kinesiology TFH, Qigong, EFT, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Quantum Thinking Technologist (QTT), Quantum Thinking and Fullfillment Coaching.

siobhan gannon


siobhan Gannon


Siobhán is currently running one day workshops where you’ll learn simple, useful yet profound tools and techniques to help and support you on your unique journey in life. These days are a mix of profound emotional healing and clearing, mindset management, laughter, fun &  friendship, where you’ll learn to unlock the key to your own hearts desires and “Create your True Potential” 

'I would like to say here that the workshop has been so beneficial for me and I certainly recommend it to anyone who want to step into their own power by visualising their future.  Also the atmosphere of the workshop was warm and friendly, it was a lovely day and I'm still enjoying the benefits now' 

Caroline Jarry

Workshop Attendee

Main Benefits of Working With Siobhan Gannon

Siobhan Gannon


Gain Greater Clarity

Do you feel lost?  Do you not know what direction to be heading in or what decisions to make?  Working with Siobhan can help you get the clarity you need to see great success in your life.


Better Health

Siobhan has a large set of healing tools at her disposal to enable you to improve your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.


Recover From Loss or Trauma

Have you lost someone close to you?  Are you left feeling like you are being swallowed up by grief?  These feelings, if not addressed, can quickly impact every aspect of your life.


Feel Better Mentally and Emotionally

All the knowledge and information necessary to thrive is within our own energy field, all parts of ourselves, our very being.....

Siobhan is passionate and knowledgeable in the fascinating field of energy therapy and personal development.  Well worth a visit if you're feeling stuck or blocked in life.....

 Luke Gannon 

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Believe in yourself.